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It’s safe to say that the hard work and professional efforts of nurses will always be a topic of appreciation and gratitude. As critical players within all medical environments, nurses are hard workers with a passion for taking care of others and troubleshooting health concerns successfully and effectively. As the largest healthcare profession in the world, it’s no secret that job outlook and career advancement are optimistic within this field. Working professionals that may wish to become a nurse but require a customized class schedule will be thrilled to learn that they can receive a nursing degree completely online.

The amount of online nursing programs available has made it easier than ever to become a registered nurse and confidently enter the nursing field. Most online nursing programs will feature a curriculum that is primarily available online, with occasional in-person clinical trials to help gain the experience needed to apply their knowledge in a medical setting. In this article, we’ll explore some of the benefits of earning an online nursing degree, as well as some of the career options for those that successfully earn the experience needed to thrive within the nursing field.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Nursing Degree Online

The time it takes to earn a nursing degree online can vary widely based on the level of certification the student wishes to pursue as well as the preferred schedule of the student. Part-time learners that embrace flexibility within their curriculum may take a bit longer to complete a nursing program, but the most common choice is earning a four-year degree that prepares students to pass the NCLEX-PN exam to become a licensed practical nurse (LPN) or a registered nurse (RN). It’s becoming more common for aspiring nurses to complete a bachelor’s degree and also take part in an online LPN or RN program to gain the experience needed to earn their license and become qualified for employment opportunities.

Online nursing programs allow students to gain access to the practical skills and working knowledge to properly tend to patients in a medical environment. Classes will typically feature a strong focus on pharmacology, anatomy, nursing sciences, nutrition, microbiology, and much more. In addition to increasing their medical knowledge, nursing students will also fine-tune their social and communication skills to properly anticipate the high-stress scenarios that they are bound to face within their nursing careers.

As mentioned, one of the most common career routes taken in nursing nowadays is to earn a bachelor of science from a four-year university to gain the experience needed to pass the NCLEX-PN exam. Most bachelor’s programs will require approximately 120 credit hours to complete, or around four years for full-time students. Online bachelor programs will feature many of the same benefits of in-person school, with the same lectures and materials available to online students but in a remote format.

University of Central Florida’s bachelor of science in nursing program is an accredited and well-regarded online program perfect for those with a passion for nursing and caring for others. Courses within UCF’s online nursing program will cover topics such as community health nursing, health care policy, pathophysiology, pharmacology, and more. Those interested in joining the College of Nursing typically apply before their junior year after spending the first two years completing prerequisite courses, which makes this school a fairly simple place to transfer credits from an associate’s obtained elsewhere.

After earning a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university, the most common choice is to then earn a master’s degree to advance a nursing career. Most master’s programs in nursing take approximately two years to complete, potentially longer for part-time online learners. Earning a master’s degree in nursing broadens career opportunities greatly, as well as strengthens a resume within potentially competitive career prospects.

Earn a master of science in nursing degree online from an accredited university you can trust at Purdue University. Purdue’s concentration areas allow nurses to focus on the areas of nursing they find the most interesting, with options like nurse education and family nursing that allow professionals to gain the specific knowledge needed to earn the credentials they desire. Perfect for those looking to enforce their education and hone their expertise for a lucrative career in nursing.

For nurses looking to earn the highest level of nursing education possible, they may choose to pursue a doctorate in nursing. Earning a doctorate in nursing is a popular option amongst those that wish to teach nursing in a collegiate environment or those who are seeking advanced leadership positions within a board of health or hospital directing. Most online nursing doctorate programs can take around three to four years to complete and are usually earned while the nurse is already working within the field, making online options even more popular.

Aspiring nurses that wish to apply their expertise to influence health outcomes and patient well-being can do so by earning a doctor of nursing practice degree from the University of St. Augustine. Students of this online doctorate program receive an accredited education to be able to go on to advocate for better healthcare policies and lead organizations. Within this exciting and innovative medical field, there is always more to learn and the University of St. Augustine’s accredited nursing program is here to provide the resources to do so.

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Potential Careers with Nursing Degree

The career options for those with a nursing degree are pretty straightforward, however, the amount of options nursing graduates have is not as simple. The medical field is an expansive one, so nursing students should consider which area of the field they may prefer to pursue, whether that’s in a hospital environment or a more relaxed long-term setting. Some of the specialties that nursing graduates may consider include:

Psychiatric Nurse

Physician Office Nurse

Public Health Research Nurse

Corporate Staff Nurse


Quality Assurance Nurse


Pediatric Nurse

Average Salary with Nursing Degree

The average salary of those with an online nursing degree will vary widely based on the level of licensure and degree achieved as well as the amount of experience within the field. Since there are numerous areas of nursing that nurses may choose to specialize in, the expected income for these positions can be pretty scattered across the board. Let’s explore some of the most popular careers of those with an online nursing degree as well their respective incomes to get an idea of how these salaries can fluctuate.

Nursing Assistant $30,700
Licensed Practical Nurse $48,500
Registered Nurse $77,450
Nurse Practitioners $111,800
Nurse Midwife $108,000