The Unbeatable Benefits of Listing Your University with Bible College Online

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The Unbeatable Benefits of Listing Your University with Bible College Online

On behalf of Bible College Online, we would like to welcome you to an exciting part of your exploration process. Whether you are a student in search of the perfect University or whether you’re a school looking to increase your online visibility, Bible College Online is here to support you in your efforts. Let’s take a closer look at who Bible College Online is and what we can do to support your spiritually charged academic journey.

Who Is Bible College Online?

While you may know us from our 100 Best Christian Colleges Of 2021, we assure you we are much more than a ranking site. Very simply, Bible College Online is a resource.

Our site is a place where prospective students who are interested in a higher education rooted in the Christian faith can come to learn about potential schools that fit their criteria. Our site not only connects students with Universities that are a good fit for their needs, it also helps students become personally acquainted with the school. Using Bible College Online is almost like visiting it in person…almost.

What Does Bible College Online Do?

At Bible College Online, we facilitate, form, and foster connections between prospective students and faith-based Universities. Most importantly, Bible College Online offers students a guide to help them navigate a life-changing choice.

We all have a purpose, and the purpose of Bible College Online is to assist students in a difficult discernment process that is especially challenging for young adults. Fully integrating a faith-based education with intentioned education goals is a tough line to walk but the Universities featured on Bible College Online do an excellent job.

Bible College Online works for students and for Universities, serving a two-fold purpose that results in real connections with verified results:

  • Connect students with Christian Universities that perfectly integrate faith-based requirements and education-based goals of that specific student.
  • Cultivate organic search leads for your school that result in real connections with high-intent users.

For students and universities alike, establishing a connection through Bible College Online forges a foundation for every student on which they will pursue an education, build a career, and joyfully lead a faith-filled life of action.

What Does Bible College Online Offer Students?

Bible College Online helps students find schools that best fit their spiritual needs and academic pursuits, setting them up for lifelong success via a career path rooted in Christian values. This does not mean that the Universities featured on Bible College Online don’t offer secular degrees or eschew typical fields of study.

One of the common misconceptions of a faith-based education is that it leaves no room for the secular world, forcing students into degrees that are only applicable in jobs of service within a faith community. This could not be further from the truth!

Regent University is just one example of a Christian University that offers an unbelievable amount of secular degrees that range from film studies to pre-law. While Regent, along with many of its Christian University contemporaries, offers plenty of faith-based degrees, Christian University does not pigeonhole students into a life of faith-based ministry.

One of the best things about Bible College Online is that it reveals to students that they don’t have to choose between compromising their values and pursuing their education and career. With Bible College Online, students can see firsthand that a faith-based education often leads to a fulfilling secular career that is rooted in the values of their Christian education.

What Does Bible College Online Offer Universities?

Exposure for your school is just the beginning of what Bible College Online offers to universities. Yes, exposure is great, but Bible College Online also offers Universities access to a team of veteran digital marketing experts.

Your presence on Bible College Online establishes and provides your University with a real partnership. This partnership features a team of industry-leading marketing experts who employ innovative strategies and modern tools with the goal of taking your school to the next level, whatever that may be!

Our team at Bible College Online generates high intent enrollment leads using organic search content to achieve the unified goal of exceeding your market spend.

These claims about what we can do for your school aren’t just generalities. Here are some of the specific offerings that Bible College Online presents to our University partners:

  • SEO traffic leads with a focus on high-intent leads
  • Geo-tagged leads to promote and foster connections that yield real connections
  • Relevant, current, and niche-specific content curated for a faith-based audience
  • Nationally acquired leads for both on-campus and online
  • Degree and program matching for students on a CPL / CPA basis
  • Sponsorship opportunities – including featured school of the month and sponsored articles
  • Multiple supported ad formats including text, clicks, banners, and interactive offerings that increase visibility and foster organic engagement
  • In-house personalized asset creation based on your brand guidelines.
  • Seamless API integration and testing
  • Long-term results and client retention
  • Free College Listing

All of this ensures that your school optimizes its revenue, exceeds marketing expectations, and achieves its full potential.

Why Partnering With Bible College Online Is The Right Choice For Your Institution?

Aside from the obvious reason of increasing your visibility to prospective students, promoting your school with Bible College online also creates a digital stronghold to help your school maintain, sustain, and grow a vibrant online presence.

Adding your school to Bible College Online is as easy as filling out a free listing with Bible College

Visibility opens many doors, and having your institution featured on Bible College Online could result in opportunities such as companies reaching out to participate in a work/study program, increased scholarships from benefactors, and even national recognition from other scholastic ranking systems. All of these potential benefits would mean more students, more revenue, and most importantly, more students living a faith-based life.

Having your listing on Bible College Online tells potential applicants that you’re serious about being one of the best. Speaking of the best, our annual ranking of Christian Universities throughout the US is a tremendous accolade to add to any University resume. Plus, encouraging future students to look at you in contrast to other schools demonstrates that you are proud of what makes you unique while reaffirming that your school measures up to the competition.

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