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Children with unique challenges in the classroom deserve to get the attention and instruction that other children receive, which is why special education teachers are such valuable members of academic communities. Not only do these teachers detect these disabilities early on to properly assist the child effectively, but they also ensure that children with special needs feel heard and valued while receiving their education. To properly prepare for this fulfilling career, special education teachers must first complete their education and certification to begin teaching. For professionals that may require a unique course load, earning a special education degree online can be a helpful and enriching option.

Online special education degrees feature many of the same competencies and requirements as a brick-and-mortar alternative, with a larger emphasis on remote learning and course flexibility. We’ll explore some of these programs, as well as explore the career options for those who graduate with an online special education bachelor’s degree.

How Long Does it Take to Get an Online Special Education Degree?

The time it takes to complete a special education degree online will vary depending on the online student’s schedule and the level of degree obtained. Typically, most education employment opportunities will require a bachelor’s degree to prove that graduates have gained the proper amount of experience. Earning a special education bachelor’s degree online takes around four years for full-time students. Many of the courses involved in an online special education degree program will be the same as an in-person program, with topics that cover learning disabilities, special education technology, behavioral management, individualized education plans (IEPs), and more.

The most popular option for those looking to enter the special education field is to earn a bachelor’s degree in special education. Being able to earn an online special education bachelor’s degree is a great way to gain the experience and knowledge needed to enter the field while also benefiting from a remote format that allows students to thrive professionally outside of their studies. Typically, a bachelor’s program requires approximately 120 credit hours and takes around four years to complete for full-time students.

Liberty University Online – Bachelor of Science in Special Education: Interdisciplinary Studies

The bachelor’s of science in special education program available at Liberty University is the perfect choice for someone wanting to earn their bachelor’s online from an accredited and reputable school. Liberty’s program has a strong focus on classroom management, specifically within a special education environment that requires strategies and adaptations to current curriculums. Graduates will gain the skills and tools to help children within their learning pursuits and in diffusing situations that provide disruption in a program designed to lead to full teaching licensure.

Earning an associate’s degree in special education is great for those looking to see if this is the field that they wish to pursue as they gain some of the experience and credits needed to earn their bachelor’s degree down the line. Most online associate’s degrees will take around two years to complete, with part-time learners potentially taking longer if they prefer to have a more relaxed schedule.

Georgia State University – Associate’s in Education – Special Education

Georgia State University’s online associate’s degree in special education allows students to explore the unique challenges that are faced in special education and teaching environments. Not only do online students learn about effective learning strategies for children with disabilities, but they also will learn the foundations of education and become familiar with the critical issues in the field to support modern-day learners. Students of this program can specialize in special education as they also gain experience in all classroom environments to become well-rounded educators.

Special Education Master’s Degree

Many who wish to optimize their career outlook and gain additional experience within a special education setting will earn their master’s degree. An online master’s degree in special education equips graduates with additional strategies and educational tools to help children with disabilities thrive within the classroom. A typical master’s program takes around two to three years to complete, potentially longer for online students that prefer a part-time course schedule.

Wilmington University – Master’s of Special Education

Wilmington University’s online master’s degree in special education is perfect for compassionate educators who wish to think creatively to assist children with disabilities in the classroom. This program allows students to hone their empathy and critical thinking skills while gaining additional strategies for their educational style. With a variety of degree programs that allow students to choose to earn their licensure, this online master’s program is a great way to broaden professional pursuits while becoming a well-rounded advocate and educator for children with special needs.

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Potential Careers with Special Education

Naturally, the most common career path for those with a special education degree is to become a special education teacher but the job prospects do not stop there. The field of special education continues to expand, with additional technologies and solutions for challenges also providing unique opportunities for those with an online special education degree. Some of the most common careers for those with a special education degree include:

 Special Education Teacher

 Special Education Advocate

 Early Intervention Specialist

 Education Audiologist

 School Counselor

 Education Specialist

Average Salary with Special Education Degree

The average salary of those with an online special education degree will vary based on the amount of experience, level of degree obtained, and the specific career chosen by the graduate. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2019, the starting salary of special education teachers was $61,000, with teachers with a graduate degree and extensive experience earning an average of $98,000 annually. Let’s explore some of the annual salaries of those with an online special education degree based on the career path chosen.