Online MBA Degree

Pursuing a masters of business is a lucrative and enriching way to set your professional future up for success. MBA programs equip students with the networking strategies and resources to further their careers and maximize their earning potential. For those looking to embrace a flexible approach to their masters degree, pursuing an online MBA program is a great choice. The options for online MBA programs only continue to increase as remote and distance learning’s popularity continues to evolve. 

In this article we’ll explore what an online MBA degree involves, as well as some of the potential careers students and young professionals may want to consider applying their degree toward. Especially for those looking for a faith-based and reputable education, these online MBA programs can be the perfect fit.

 How Long Does it Take to Get an MBA Degree Online?

Typically, most MBA programs take approximately two to three years to complete if a student prefers a streamlined process. However, this trajectory is mostly dependent on the student’s course load preferences and personal schedule so an online MBA degree can take potentially longer for part-time learners who choose to take less credits per semester. One of the biggest advantages of choosing an online program is that they tend to be customized to the students individual needs, with some accelerated programs taking 18 to 21 months and others allowing students to take as long as they need with no specific time restrictions. 

The course work for a typical online MBA program will include a focus on global economies, developing leadership skills, and mastering all the foundations of business administration. Students are given the educational resources and training to excel within any business environment to forward their professional careers. Due to the increasingly competitive business economy, there are numerous ways that an online MBA program can be the game changer for those looking to accelerate their professional position.

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Potential Careers with MBA Degree

Many pursuing an online MBA degree have career aspirations in mind that would benefit from furthering their understanding of business administrations. This career path opens the door to countless opportunities across numerous fields, so there is an option for just about anyone out there. Some of the most popular and lucrative careers that can apply an MBA include:

Commercial Real Estate Broker

 Management Consultant

Market Research Analyst

 Business Owner

Investment Manager

 Sales Manager

 Marketing Manager

Average Salary with Online MBA Degree

The career options for someone with an online MBA are limitless, with salaries that can fluctuate dramatically depending on the industry the entrepreneur chooses. Let’s explore some of the most popular fields MBA students prefer, as well as a typical annual salary.

Accounting $108,000
IT $88,000
Healthcare $118,000
Supply Chain Management $110,865
Human Resources $105,000