Online Masters of Divinity Program

For those interested in entering a position in the church or clergy seeking additional resources for this role, a masters of divinity program is the perfect choice. Pursuing a masters of divinity program prepares students for a faith-based career by gaining an extensive knowledge of religious and theological fundamentals and earning the technical skills to thrive in any religious environment. If schedules are busier, or students simply prefer a part-time learning style, earning a masters of divinity online is a worthwhile step.

An online masters of divinity program sets theology students up for success and leadership positions in the church while providing a relaxed and remote curriculum. Students will develop their leadership skills, get experience working with other members of the religious community, and gain a full working knowledge of Christian ideologies, history, and practices. Let’s explore what an online master’s degree entails, as well as answer the question of “What can I do with a masters of divinity degree?”

How Long Does it Take to Get a Masters of Divinity Degree Online?

Individuals who pursue a master’s of divinity program are most likely preparing for a leadership position in the church, which means that divinity programs can often take a tad longer than traditional master’s programs. Typically, a masters of divinity program takes around three to four years to complete qualification, but online programs can take up to six years due to the part-time nature of the learning experience. 

Courses in a traditional divinity program are strongly based in theology and religion, with courses that cover topics such as religious history, the Old and New Testament, Christian scriptures, ethics, counseling, and philosophy. It’s also fairly common to see courses on gender, sexuality, and cultural diversity in an online divinity master’s program. 

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Potential Careers with Online Masters of Divinity Degree

An online master’s of divinity degree can open the door to countless career opportunities in the religious field, from missionary pursuits to official positions within the church. There are numerous job positions that require a faith-based lens and a strong awareness of Christian practices in order to thrive within the field. Luckily, many of the prerequisites that are required for these careers are naturally obtained while a part of an online master’s of divinity program. Some of the most popular careers that divinity graduates pursue include:






Church Manager


Program Director for Religious Organization

Average Salary with Online Masters of Divinity Degree

The average salary of those with a master’s of divinity degree will vary depending on the specific career that they pursue post graduation. Generally, the average salary will land at around $54,000, but earning potential can increase depending on the time spent in the field. Let’s explore some master’s of divinity careers and their respective annual salaries to get a better idea.

Hospice Chaplain $49,000
Pastor $52,000
Chaplain $52,000
Executive Church Director $74,000
Youth Minister $40,000