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No subject is more fraught with anxiety than writing good essays. If you are wondering what tips can be maid to ease writing pain, you have come to the right place. We have gathered some important and useful rules that will be helpful for those who are facing with writing difficulties.

Tips For Writing Your College Essay

Keep in mind your essay is your chance to stand out from the crowd, so it is better to know and stick to all essential steps that will be useful in your writing. Follow these rules and you will surely succeeded with writing your essay.

  • To succeed with writing your essay you will have to make at least good and memorable first impression on your tutor, for this reason it is recommended to choose interesting and catching theme in order to “hook” your audience.
  • Help your reader understand why your subject is important, provide some facts and statistics.
  • Follow a standard essay structure, write an introduction here you present your theme to the audience, the main part where all facts are supported with the clear evidence and the conclusion where you summarize everything that was written in the paper.

How to Start an Essay Online Intro ?

No matter what type of paper you are writing, any intro should start with a general discussion, of you theme and your thesis statement. Sometimes, it is better to start your essay with a “grabber” or a surprising story to catch the interest and involve the reader in your topic.

Writing an Essay Body

Keep in mind each paragraph of your body should focus on a single idea that supports your thesis statement. You are recommended to use some details and facts to support the main idea.

Writing an Essay Conclusion

Any conclusion will end with your restatement of the main idea. You may paraphrase main thoughts that support your point of view. You main aim is to leave your reader with a positive final feedback.


Transitions should connect all your paragraphs to one another, it is a bad idea to jump from one idea to some other, logically connect all your thoughts and ideas.

How to Write Powerful Essays?

For some students is may seem really troublesome and overwhelming to cope with great number of academic assignments. Your main aim is to develop and practice your writing skills. When writing your paper you will have to avoid: clichés, subjective descriptions, slang, contractions and phrases that sound like speech.

How to Succeed With Writing Your Essay

  • Answer the main essay question directly. It is better to spend some time thinking and analyzing your theme before you start brainstorming. You may break you theme into a series of research questions, to make your research more easier.
  • Use gathered research material effectively. Do not forget that you will have to show your audience that you can find trustworthy materials relevant to the particular subject.

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