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Speaking about the creation of sites, it is difficult to bypass the topic of web-programming. The site, consisting of static pages, may have a very beautiful design, interesting and well-organized content, etc., but in order to make it interactive, capable of responding to the user, to be able to collect and process some information from site visitors, you can not do without the use of the site programs (or as they are usually called web developers, scripts). Only with the help of scripts can be added to the site voting, feedback forms, search and many other useful things, so without the web-programming now a rare site.

What web programming tools are used by website developers? In fact, there are quite a few tools. But first it should be noted that, for all their diversity and diversity of programming languages that can be used in web-building, all scripts (and, accordingly, the means for writing them) can be divided into two groups: those that operate on the server side (ie on the computer on which the site itself is located) and the client side (ie on the computer user who displays this site).

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You can’t do without using server-side scripts if you need to collect and store some information on the server (e.g., if you want to organize receiving and saving messages sent by users in an online forum). Client-side scripts allow you to react to the user when he is viewing a page already loaded in memory of his computer, change its appearance and content without having to load it from the server again. Very often both types of scripts are used to ensure the performance of some task.

Although, at the time of the appearance and beginning of the development of the Internet, there was already a large number of popular and advanced programming languages (eg, C, Pascal, etc.), programming for the Internet has its own specifics – on the one hand, we needed new features that simplify the work with the typical data and elements of Web pages, on the other – it was required specifically to limit the functionality of programming tools to prevent criminals using written scripts to harm both servers, which are located sites, and the computers users. Therefore, to solve the problems of web programming there were special languages and tools. Let’s take a closer look at the most common web programming languages.


Javascript is a language developed in the early 90’s by Netscape, whose browser Netscape Navigator at the time was the most popular way to view web sites. The name javascript brings to mind a link to java, which also can be used in web programming, and, indeed, javascript was developed with a lot of support from Java, but you should keep in mind that these are different languages. Scripts written in javascript run client side (i.e. on the user’s computer) and not just client side but in the browser itself, so you don’t need any additional programs, plugins etc., the script can just be inserted in the html code of the page and it will run in any browser. Javascript is a simple and convenient language that allows you to easily manipulate the content of a web page, tracking a wide variety of user actions, and responding to it.