The Ministry of Public Education, within the framework of a joint project with the Asian Development Bank, plans to invest US $ 100 million to develop STEM education, that is, to improve the infrastructure of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in public secondary schools.

The head of the mission of the Asian Development Bank in the Republic of Uzbekistan, Cindy Malvicini, highly appreciated the work done by both parties in the framework of cooperation in the field of public education.

She also noted that in order to create favorable conditions for learning, it is necessary to modernize school infrastructure, install energy-saving, disaster-resistant equipment in teaching laboratories, new heating systems, and prepare teachers for advanced training in STEM help.

At the same time, the head of the mission emphasized the need to adapt state general education schools to meet the requirements of international standards, improve the process of teaching secondary school students modern skills and ensure high quality education.

“In the years after gaining independence, the population of Uzbekistan increased by 16 million people, which is several times more than in neighboring states,” said Minister of Public Education Sherzod Shermatov. – At present, young people make up the majority of the population of the republic.

The purpose of introducing such teaching methods as STEM education is to create all conditions for the younger generation to acquire modern skills and professions so that they can become competitive and in-demand specialists in the labor market in the future.